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The band recorded many songs while in Ireland. The first two singles were released on Hawk records of Dublin. All others were released on the band's own label, Sunset Records.

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Title Label Songwriter
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Stop, Think (A) Hawk HASP 436 John Keogh
A Love Song (B) Hawk HASP 436 Kenny Loggins/Lowell George
I'd Do It Again (B) Hawk HASP 443 Gerry Gallagher
Midnight Lullaby (A) Hawk HASP 443 S. Turner
I Am A Woman (A) Sunset SUN 001 Gerry Gallagher
Please Help Me (B) Sunset SUN 001 Gerry Gallagher
Too Many Heartaches (A) Sunset SUN 002 Gerry Gallagher
Evergreen Wedding (A) Sunset SUN 002 Streisand/Williams/Prieto
Arranged: Gerry Gallagher
Come Up To Dublin (A) Sunset SUN 008 Gerry Gallagher
I Need A Lover (A) Sunset SUN 007 Gerry Gallagher
Somewhere Along The Way Not released Gerry Gallagher
Rock n' Roll Party Not released Gerry Gallagher
Take It Or Leave It Not released Gerry Gallagher
Daddy Played the Guitar Not released Gerry Gallagher
Gosh Bill Not released Unknown

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